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Introduction of Aluminum Kettles:
The kettle body, made of pure aluminum (more than 99.5% high food-container degreed aluminum alloy, is shaped by the processing technology of 600 tons whole pressure. The kettle lid is made of beautiful black high-hardness food-graded plastic.

The bottle body is shaped and made of aluminum alloy of seamless structure with a thickness of more than 0.8mm. The whole body is even and strong owing to 100% Swiss processing. The kettle appearance is sprayed more than four times (innocuity, high lucidity, insipidity, high saturation). As a result, the bottles have good gloss, adherence, wear-resistance and water-resistance. Also, the bottles can bear the temperature up to 100 degrees, which meet container test standard. After high anodizing processing, the inside bottle is processed by high food-container-degree heat-resistance and fungus resisting paint, which ensures smoothness of the inside and the intensified bumps, no clear embossing, dirt and smell inside when holding water. Moreover, the bottle is easy to wash.

Sanitation & Security:
The paints used both on the appearance and inside of the bottles meet International CE standard. The bottles have food-degree non-toxic water-based coating and no smell. Our product has been tested by those international institutions as SGS, TUV and so on, which proves that its lead and cadmium is in full compliance with the following standards: EUROPEAN COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 84/500/EEC

1. The released lead must lower than 0.05 MG/L (RELEASED LEAD0.05MG/L).
2. The released cadmium must lower than 0.01 MG/L (RELEASED CADMIUM0.01MG/L ).

Durableness & Leak-resistance:
The professionally flexible internal coating never peels off and is of corrosion-resistance. Our product has sophisticated stopper mold, extensible thread and non-cracking bottle body, which completely prevents leakage.

Fashion & Beauty:
Our bottles are new fashionable advertising gifts. Every year, we produce brand-new fashionable bottles with compatibly outer coatings and smoothly & naturally colorful appearance.

Our Aluminum Sports Bottles now include such varieties as 0.3L, 0.5L, 0.6L, 0.75L, 0.85L, 1.0L and l.5L. We also do sample processing production according to different clients. Our advanced production equipment, stable technology and the production capacity of 10,000 bottles per day are able to meet all clients demands.

Application Scope:
Our bottles are used for outdoor sports, leisure, camping, mountaineering and travelling. At the same time, they are fashionable advertising gifts. As the preferred advertising gifts, our products have been serviced for many well-known enterprises.
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